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TEFL teachers are drawn to Saudi Arabia by the lucrative tax-free salary* and other contractual benefits.  Whatever you have heard about the KSA, many teachers who have adapted to the environment return again and again, particularly those who have enjoyed a very comfortable life on a compound, along with activities such as scuba diving off the coast of Jeddah, or excursions to Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and/or the UAE.  The KSA also offers the possibility for promotion in areas of TEFL which might not be so readily accessible elsewhere such as curriculum development, Quality Assurance, and even Academic Training Manager (ATM) which has a similar role to that of a headmaster.

*Unfortunately, this does not apply to Canadians who are taxed at home, but often the salary factors this in to the final package.

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TEFL in the Middle East: an interview with a teacher who has worked all over the Arabian Gulf Friday 12 Aug 2016

Have you considered working in the Middle East, particularly in the Arabian Gulf?  Adverts encouraging tourists to visit the area show images of amazing shopping centres, beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, four-wheel-drive vehicles hurtling up and down huge sand dunes, and usually someone with a falcon on his arm gazing over a spectacular desert sunset.  But what’s it really like?  Here we interview a British teacher, Dave, and ask him for his reflections on working in countries around the Gulf. 

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TEFL in Saudi Arabia: an interview with a teacher who has worked all over the Kingdom Sunday 11 Jun 2017

Have you ever considered teaching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?  Here, teflhub interviews James, a British teacher who has taught for companies all over the Kingdom. We discuss some of the most common questions raised about life for TEFL teachers in this country which has been a common destination for TEFL teachers.

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