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“Website” means “” and any of the pages contained on that domain.

“You”, “your” and “yours” means the person or persons accessing the website.

“We”, “us” and “our” means TEFLhub and our staff.

“Material” means any information, be it text, photographs, graphics, trade marks, logos, links, programming code, data or any other material published, contained or available on this website.


Material on this site

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Training courses and job adverts

TEFLhub does not endorse the training courses, qualifications and certifications discussed on this website, whether in editorial or advertising matter, and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any application made by any candidate to such a course.

TEFLhub does not endorse the job announcements or CVs shown on these pages, and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any application made by any candidate. Employers and candidates are advised to take all reasonable precautions before entering into any agreement.

Please remember than an advert which could be illegal if the job were in the UK, may be legal in the country where the job is based. For example, UK discrimination laws will not apply to a job which is based in another company.


Material produced by the TEFLhub community

TEFLhub does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any material posted by members of the TEFLhub community or other visitors to this site or our social media pages.

By posting in our community or listing a job advert, you take full and personal responsibility for the content of your submission. Views expressed by our community are not necessarily the views of TEFLhub.

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In using this site, you agree that you shall refrain from posting anything libellous, fraudulent or that otherwise infringes on the rights of other persons and organisations. If you believe that anything posted by members of the community is fraudulent, libellous or otherwise abusive, please contact us on and include details of the material in question, so that we may take appropriate action.


Copyright information

All copyrighted material and trade marks, including without limitation the website design, text, graphics and all software and source codes connected with TEFLhub remain our intellectual property, which you may use solely for your personal, non-commercial use.

This specifically excludes the downloading, copying and printing of TEFLhub resources for use in the classroom and other teaching situations. You may use, adapt and photocopy materials on this site for self-study or in-class lessons, but you may not republish, download, copy, reproduce, store, sell or transmit it without our prior written permission.

If you would like to republish something from TEFLhub, please contact us by email. While short quotes and links to our pages our welcome, we are usually deny permission for copying whole pages.


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Linking to this site

We welcome links to this website and to the material and information hosted on these pages. You do not have to ask our permission to link to this website, but we reserve the right to use Google’s Disavow Links tool, which asks Google to ignore any links to our site that we consider to be inappropriate, spammy, low-quality or which will otherwise damage our ranking and reputation.


Website access

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Website users

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