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Palau consists of over 250 inhabited islands forming an archipelago in the western area of the Pacific Ocean, in Micronesia.  The lush vegetation of the islands stands out against the white beaches and turquoise waters which surround them; attracting the many scuba divers and tourists who provide the bulk of the country’s GDP.  English is just one of the many languages spoken by the island-nation’s population of 21,000, along with Palauan, Japanese, and other local languages.  Some subjects are taught at the Palau Community College, but for most tertiary courses the islanders have to venture overseas.  As you can imagine, the opportunity for TEFL teachers seems minimal, but you could contact the Community College to enquire about career opportunities.  You should check which vaccinations you might need if you are going to live on the islands.

Area Code
Palauan (official on most islands) 66.6%, Carolinian 0.7%, other Micronesian 0.7%, English (official) 15.5%, Filipino 10.8%, Chinese 1.8%, other Asian 2.6%, other 1.3%

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