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Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe which has a rich history evident from the wonderful variety of architecture seen throughout this fascinating country. Hungarian, or Magyar as it is known within the country, is an interesting language which is not related to any of the languages spoken in neighbouring countries; English is the most widely spoken foreign language followed by German. Most TEFL jobs are located in the beautiful capital, Budapest.  If you are going to attain your TEFL certificate you could do a lot worse than Budapest in terms of cost and the wonderful surroundings.  The people are friendly, the food is great, and the cost of living is reasonable; and very accessible due to the numerous budget airlines which serve the country within Europe. 

Area Code
Hungarian (official) 99.6%, English 16%, German 11.2%, Russian 1.6%, Romanian 1.3%, French 1.2%, other 4.2%

English teaching organisations in Hungary


Angloville (1 TEFL jobs)

Angloville is a unique experience that enables linguistic and cultural exchange between the native English speakers and language students, most of whom are successful professionals or ambitious youth; depending on the program you attend. As an English speaker, you stay in one of our beautiful venues in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech…

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