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Botswana is considered an African success story: its long history of stable democracy has helped it become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.  This beautiful landlocked country in southern Africa is also drawing more and more tourists who come to see African wildlife in its natural habitat, particularly in the Okavango Delta.  The delightful series of books, The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency, is set in Botswana; Mme Ramotswe and the other protagonists give a clue as to why so few TEFL jobs are advertised in Botswana – English is one of the two official languages, along with Setswana.  If you are looking for a TEFL position in Botswana, then you might try sending one of its tertiary institutions a prospective CV and covering letter asking about career opportunities.  Remember to have the full list of vaccinations which are needed for Botswana – the rabies vaccination sometimes needs a course of injections which require up to a month to complete before you depart for the country.  

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Setswana 78.2%, Kalanga 7.9%, Sekgalagadi 2.8%, English (official) 2.1%, other 8.6%, unspecified 0.4% (2001 census)

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