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TEFL exercises - Pre-intermediate materials - Second Conditional

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Use the verb in brackets to complete the 2nd Conditional sentences and questions:

Example        If John [speak] _____ English fluently, he would travel the world.

                     If John [speak] spoke English fluently, he would travel the world.    

1 If I [win]
the lotto, I would retire.
2 If I [meet]
the Queen, I would ask her for a job.
3 If you won the lotto, what [will]
you do?
4 If I [be]
famous, I would work for charities.
5 If you [be]
rich, would you give me some money?
6 If you met President Obama, would you [ask]
him for his autograph?
7 I’d [find]
a different job if I were him.
8 I [will]
leave him if I were Jane.
Are you sure?