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TEFL exercises - Pre-intermediate materials - Present Perfect Simple v Present Perfect Continuous

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Match the sentence halves using the following Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous sentence halves:

Example     I have known my best friend since we went to junior school together.

she’ll be fluent by the time she goes to Paris.
now it is sunny and dry.
it’s on TV again tonight.
there will be floods if it doesn’t stop.
there’s none left.
I finished reading it last night.
hours. This shop needs more staff.
times a week and now feel fitter.
How can I cook my stew now?
1 Someone has eaten my cake,
2 I have read that book you gave me.
3 I have been going to the gym three
4 ‘Someone has used all my onions!’
5 I’ve been watching that new drama,
6 It has rained but
7 It has been raining heavily,
8 Jane has been studying French,
9 They have been waiting in that queue for
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