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TEFL exercises - Pre-intermediate materials - Present Perfect Simple v Present Perfect Continuous

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Match the sentence halves using the following Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous sentence halves:

Example     I have known my best friend since we went to junior school together.

How can I cook my stew now?
times a week and now feel fitter.
now it is sunny and dry.
it’s on TV again tonight.
hours. This shop needs more staff.
there’s none left.
I finished reading it last night.
there will be floods if it doesn’t stop.
she’ll be fluent by the time she goes to Paris.
1 Someone has eaten my cake,
2 I have read that book you gave me.
3 I have been going to the gym three
4 ‘Someone has used all my onions!’
5 I’ve been watching that new drama,
6 It has rained but
7 It has been raining heavily,
8 Jane has been studying French,
9 They have been waiting in that queue for
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