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TEFL exercises - Pre-intermediate materials - Past Simple v Present Perfect

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Choose the correct verb form for the following:

Example        Manchester United [play] ______ Real Madrid last Saturday.

                     Manchester United [play] played Real Madrid last Saturday.

1 They [live]
in Paris since 1999.
2 The weather [be]
awful last weekend.
3 In 2013 Martin [work]
for a Chinese company in Beijing.
4 I [take]
a taxi to work this morning.
5 All my bananas have gone! Someone [eat]
them all.
6 She [leave]
work early so she could get to last night’s party on time.
7 ‘What’s the new boss like?’ ‘I don’t know. I [not meet]
8 Did you [go]
to the party last weekend?
Are you sure?