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Use the passive forms to finish this quiz:

Example       The first football world cup _______ in Uruguay in 1930.   

                    The first football world cup was held in Uruguay in 1930.    

was discovered
was invented
was painted
was sculpted
were held
were discovered
was opened
was written
1 The Americas
by Christopher Columbus in 1492.
2 The telephone
in 1876 by Alexander Bell.
3 The Mona Lisa
by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503.
4 Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare.
5 The statue The Thinker
by Auguste Rodin in 1880.
6 The first underground train
in London in 1890.
7 The first modern-day Olympic Games
in Athens in 1896.
8 Penicillin
by Alexander Fleming in 1928.
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